Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Where Your Dollar Goes

Your donation directly supports our research programs and can help us find cures for childhood diseases

Your donation today is vital to the continuation of our research programs. It helps keep day to day experiments running, recruits the best researchers from around the world to tackle these diseases, purchases essential high-tech equipment, and funds research student scholarships that foster bright young minds and fresh ideas.


Your Support Makes a Big Difference

We rely on your donation. Even in the best financial years, the money provided by both government grants and CMRI investment income is not enough to fund research costs. 
Our researchers are respected and successfully obtain many government grants, but at best these only cover about half of the expenses of cutting-edge research. What’s more, this government funding is not guaranteed and cannot be relied on. Investment returns from our endowment fund also vary from year to year and cannot be depended upon either. 
Fundraising is the best solution to ensure our critical research programs continue to be funded. With your donation, we can speed up research—and find cures faster for cancer, birth defects and epilepsy.