Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


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Fade into Darkness

We all do a million little tasks every day without even thinking about them. But what if you had to do them blindfolded?

This is the challenge facing Beth and her family every single day.

Beth started losing her sight when she was just 5 years old. No one knew why.

Beth's condition is genetic and now Beth has three children - Kathryn, Samuel and Matthew. They are all losing their sight. 

Beth and her family are in a race against time to help fund  vital research at Children's Medical Research Institute which could save their children's sight. 

And they need your help.

Take on a challenge to perform a daily task with a twist - while wearing a blindfold. You will get a small glimpse into the challenge that Beth and her family are facing and understand why it is so important to fund this research.

“Genetic retinal eye disease affects 1 in 3,000 Australians, and research being conducted at Children's Medical Research Institute is vital. What we need to do now is understand how the gene works, and use this knowledge to develop a treatment…”

Robyn Jamieson, Associate Professor

We’re ready to go, we just need the funding. With your help, curing retinal eye disease is now a possibility.

Help support this vital research and DONATE directly to CMRI today! 

With your support, Beth's children will have a chance to see the world the way every child deserves.