Finding cures for children's genetic diseases

Ella's Story

ella1.pngWhen Ella was just 3 years old her parents (Kath and Dave) started to notice that she was not gaining weight, despite eating normally and she seemed to tire easily.

And then, in September 2007, Ella’s condition was finally picked up and the family’s life started to unravel…
At first doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with Ella but further examinations led to the discovery of a large, life-threatening tumor in her liver.
It was so far advanced that large volumes of blood were being diverted to the tumor, putting Ella’s heart under significant stress.
Ella’s condition is so rare that it has challenged doctors across the country.
Kath and Dave left their home in Boomerang Beach and spent several months living in Sydney while Ella underwent surgery and treatment for her tumor.
Ella has endured more than 40 hours of surgery and radiology by the age of 7 to ease the pressure on her heart and remove the tumour from her liver.
She lives with complications, including compromised liver function, but still has a happy and positive attitude toward life.
ella2.png“There are still so many unanswered questions for us in relation to Ella’s medical condition, but we live in hope. “ Kath says.
“We know just how vital the research work is, not just in terms of treating childhood cancer…but preventing it.
“I just hate to think that other children might have to endure the same struggles that our darling little Ella has faced, it’s just so heart-breaking.”