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You can help raise $1,000,000 for a transformative, global-first cancer research program

Over 1,000 children and young adults are diagnosed with Cancer every year. Creating a healthier future for these children has always been core to CMRI's work and with ProCan, that future is more attainable than ever.

ProCan is a cancer research program using “big data” technologies that will automate and greatly improve the speed and accuracy of cancer diagnostic testing and will facilitate much more personalised cancer treatments. 

The side effects of existing treatments can be devastating, especially in young children. We know that children have a much greater survival rate when they are given the right treatment first time around. This database will mean doctors can effectively narrow down the best type of currently available treatment to target the patients’ individual cancer diagnosis, without wasting time trialling treatments that are less likely to work.

If 1,000 business donate just $1,000 per year, we can raise $1 million to accelerate this research.

Your tax-deductible gift will help change the face of cancer research and impact countless young lives. To donate via credit card, please click below:

**Please donate before the 25th June to ensure your donation falls into the current financial year for tax purposes.

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