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Quirindi Committee

Established 1967

The Quirindi Committee was established by 10 local ladies who were motivated to support the efforts of Sir Lorimer Dods (co-founder of Children’s Medical Research Institute) and CMRI.
The committee maintains old traditions and stages one major fundraiser each year, varying the theme and attracting different groups from the local community (population 3,000) as well as loyal supporters. Events range from family fun days to great nights out with the likes of Kerri-Ann Kennerly, Julie McCrossin and Jeannie Little, to a marquee trackside at the Quirindi races.

“We have this 'Kitchen Book' which is a history of members, records of every event and every catering detail. The inaugural function was held at the Brownhill family’s property 'Merrilong'. The lunch consisted of '4 turkeys 1 suckling pig, 2 hams, 2 x 30lbs of beef, 1 case of tomatoes, 1 case of pineapples, 2 cases of cucumbers, coleslaw, new potatoes and lettuce'. This was followed by ice cream and berries – all for the princely sum of $10 a double! "