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  1. Committees are appointed by the Board of Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) to promote the name and activities of CMRI and further the objectives of CMRI.

  2. Committees are authorised to raise money for CMRI using the CMRI name and logos only for this purpose. All funds raised must be held in the Committee’s name, separately from any other funds and remitted to CMRI within a 12 month period ending 31 January each year, less a deduction for normal operating expenses of the Committee.

  3. Each Committee will agree its annual activities and partner relationships with the Manager, Community Relationships, at CMRI.  The Committee shall not partner with or endorse any organisation that is in conflict with the vision of CMRI, which is to prevent and cure childhood diseases.

  4. Tax deductible receipts may be issued by CMRI for donations of $2 or more. Recognition may be given for very substantial donations.

  5. A Committee may nominate one of its own members to personally be a Member of CMRI, who will be approved by the Board of CMRI, and then be entitled to vote at a general meeting of CMRI.

  6. A Committee is required to have an annual audit performed by a qualified auditor for the 12 months ended 31 December, unless permission is given by the Secretary of CMRI that this is not required. In this case, the President & Treasurer of the Committee shall each be required to certify the financial information.

  7. The Committee shall hold a meeting at least once in every 12 month period to confirm the activities conducted during that period, agree reporting of the funds raised from those activities, and agree the related expenses of the Committee.

  8. The President and other Committee members shall attend an Annual Meeting of Committees at the premises of CMRI for the President to report on these activities and the funds raised.

  9. The Members of a Committee shall be made aware of these obligations and shall act in the best interests of CMRI and not bring CMRI’s name into disrepute. Failure by a Committee member or a Committee to act in an acceptable manner may result in removal of the individual or Committee from its association with CMRI.