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Our Committees & Other Groups

Since CMRI's inception, we have relied on the devoted support of our auxiliary committees, who host a wide range of fundraising activities and events.

Our amazing CMRI Committees started in 1959 and remain the foundation of our community fundraising and public awareness efforts. From hosting quilt shows and card stalls to fashion parades and fabulous luncheons, they are a model for community involvement, spreading awareness of CMRI's important work across the country. Their work is crucial to the continuation of our medical research programs and helping us beat children's genetic diseases. We encourage you to join a local committee, or form a new committee, and help us transform the lives of future generations of children. If you would like more information or to apply, please contact or call us on 1 800 436 437. Below is a list of CMRI Committees, as well as information on Committee policies and procedures.