Finding cures for children's genetic diseases

Major Achievements


2002-2007 Co-discovered the phosphorylation-regulated function of the endocytic fission protein dynamin 1 in endocytosis.  Led the team that defined the dynamin 1 phosphorylation sites and their importance to endocytosis.
2006-2011   Discovered novel irradiation-sensitive phosphorylation sites on the DNA damage response protein ATM.
2007  Co-discovered the protein components of active human telomerase.
2010 Demonstrated that phosphorylation sites in identical contexts on multiple protein isoforms can have very different regulation.
2011 Discovered a completely new post-translational modification (O-GlcNAc-phosphate) on the brain specific clathrin assembly protein AP180.
2012   First to synthesise O-GlcNAc-phosphate modified peptides.