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ProCan Teams

ProCan Oncology

  • Professor Roger Reddel BSc (Med) MBBS PhD FRACP FAA Director CMRI, ProCan Co-Director and ProCan Oncology Co-Group Leader, Unit Head Cancer Research Unit
  • Professor Rosemary Balleine MB BS (Hons) PhD FRCPA ProCan Oncology Co-Group Leader
  • Dr Priya Duggal PhD Human Research Ethics and Governance Officer

ProCan Laboratory

  • Professor Phil Robinson ProCan Co-Director and Unit Head
  • Dr Peter Hains BBiomedSc PhD Team Leader, ProCan Laboratory and Senior Research Officer, Cell Signalling
  • Natasha Lucas MChem Staff Scientist 
  • Dr Daniel Bucio-Noble Chem and Biomolecular Sciences PhD Research Officer
  • Erin Humphries BSc Research Assistant
  • Dr Jennifer Koh Biochem PhD Research Officer
  • Clare Loudon BMedSc (enrolled in Mphil) Senior Research Assistant
  • Andrew Robinson BChem (Hons) (PhD Submitted) Research Officer (on secondment to CMRI Peptide Synthesis Facility)
  • Daniela-Lee Smith BSc (Hon) (PhD submitted) Research Officer
  • Erin Sykes BSc (Hon) (PhD submission Feb 2021) Research Officer
  • Dr Steven Williams MedChem PhD Research Officer
  • Dylan Xavier Msc Staff Scientist

Computational Science (CDS and SFE)

  • Edith Hurt MSSc Acting Team Leader, ProCan Computational Science

ProCan Cancer Data Science (CDS)

  • Dr Qing Zhong Dr. Sc. Group Leader, Cancer Data Science. Conjoint Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
  • Dr Rebecca Poulos PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Rohan Shah PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Asim Anees PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Srikanth Manda PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Akila Seneviratne PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Merridee Wouters PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Zainab Noor PhD Data Scientist
  • Shawn Wu PhD Student
  • Simon Cai PhD Student

Software Engineering (SFE)

  • Michael Dausmann BE (Hons) Full Stack Engineer, Team Leader ProCan Software Engineering  
  • Dr Michael Hecker (Biomed Eng) Backend Engineer (HPC, LIMS & Data Lake)
  • Sean Peters BCompSc (Hons) Software Engineer  

ProCan Operations

  • Edith Hurt MSSc Operations Manager, ProCan
  • Joanne Hague ProCan LIMS & Quality Project Manager
  • Georgia Cooke MBEth Bsc (Genetics and Psychology) Operations Assistant