Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


For Prospective Students and Post-doctoral Fellows


The overall goal of our research is to understand the fundamental mechanisms used by human cells to maintain genome integrity and how failures in these processes contribute to human disease. Our research is currently focused on using our expertise in telomere biology to expand our understanding of the role telomeres play in maintaining genomic stability and suppressing tumor formation.  However, as our lab grows we will endeavor to use our ability to modulate telomere biology to study more general aspects of the DNA damage response, chromatin, genome biology and the cell cycle.  We also have a keen interest in developing new techniques to visualize dynamic biology through live cell imaging. 
We are always on the lookout for talented and ambitious individuals willing to contribute to our immediate and long-term research goals. If you are interested in joining the lab please contact Tony by e-mail, or if you happen to be at a conference with Tony please walk up and say hello (he is always willing to talk science over a coffee or beer). We look forward to hearing from you.