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VGEF Services

VGEF offers a wide range of services, divided among three main areas:

  1. Vectorology
  2. Gene editing
  3. Plasmid banking/ distribution.

Vectorology Related Services

VGEF's specific expertise in various areas of vector design and production allows us to maximize our impact on your research needs. In addition to packaging your lentiviral, AAV or Adenoviral vectors, VGEF can also assist in selecting the most optimal vector system for your specific project, help in expression cassette design and cloning. We can help you optimise your production protocol, or you are welcome to try our protocols.
We recognise that it is sometimes difficult to decide what vector to use, and with the large and constantly growing number of available vectors, often the best way is to perform a screen to identify the most optimal vector type. To assist investigators in this effort, we offer "AAV vector screen kits", which contains iodixanol purified AAV-CAG-nlsCre-eGFP packaged in large number of AAV variants. Each kit contains 1x 40ul of individual AAV, which is enough for a number of in vitro studies or small in vivo screens. The “AAV vector screen kit” grows as new variants become available, so please visit our "AAV kit" link for up-to-date info.

AAV Vector Screen Kits:

AAV 1 AAV 2i8
AAV 2 AAV 7m8
AAVrh10 AAV Anc80L65

Please also visit our Vector Stocks list for up-to-date info on other available stocks.
In addition to helping you identify the most optimal variant from the list of available/published vectors, we also offer custom AAV library selection on your cells/tissue of choice. Due to the nature of such screens and the cost/time involved, currently we perform AAV selections under "collaborative agreements" only. Please contact us if you want to learn more about this ground breaking technology and the impact it may have on your research.
If you see a reagent that could help your research needs, please go to our “Order Page” to place an order.  

Please refer to the diagrams to learn more about VGEF specific services related to each of the three vector systems. Once you identified how VGEF can help you, contact us: VGEF@CMRI.ORG.AU

We are always happy to answer questions and discuss your specific needs!

Genome Engineering Related Services

VGEF is your facility of choice when it comes to genome engineering needs. We can perform a number of specific gene editing tasks, such as gene knockouts, gene tagging, insertions of expression cassettes, and correction/introduction of point mutations at the loci of choice. We utilise a number of various technologies, including CRISPR/Cas9 system, TALEN and AAV-driven homologous recombinations.
In addition to performing some of the studies for you (yes, although the technology has improved greatly in recent years, the technology is not efficient or predictable enough to call gene editing "a task"), we are also happy to help you bring this technology home (well, to your lab at least!). To this end, VGEF offers help with selecting the best system for your needs, selecting target sequence and designing and cloning the constructs that will deliver and express the individual components of each editing system. Depending on our availability, we may even be able to offer hands-on training.
Please contact us to enquire about current availability and pricing: VGEF@CMRI.ORG.AU
Please feel free to browse through our published protocols.