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Drug Screening Facility

The Drug Screening Facility at CMRI brings together research resources with capacity for high-throughput screening (HTS).  The facility offers a range of automated equipment, from liquid-handling to high-content cell imaging/analysis suitable for biochemical and cell-based assays for HTS.  The facility supports cancer research groups within the Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA), CMRI, the Westmead Research Hub, as well as collaborative partners nationally and internationally.

The facility was formed as an initiative of the Drug Discovery Program, the result of a long term collaboration between Professor Phillip Robinson of CMRI and Professor Adam McCluskey at the University of Newcastle. Together, through the screening of many thousands chemical compounds, they have developed the only comprehensive pharmacology around endocytosis and produced new research tools with potential medical applications for cancer, epilepsy, leukaemia and kidney disease.

The facility aids research groups and individuals by offering access to equipment and training, instruction in methodology, as well as expertise in the assessment of feasibility and strategy development for projects and programs involving HTS.


CINSW (Cancer Institute New South Wales)          The University of Sydney Collaborative                                                                                          Research Equipment Grants

NHMRC Equipment Grants Schemes


Key Equipment & Technology Available

JANUS Automated Workstation with 4-tip Varispan and 96/384-tip Modular Dispense Technology (MDT)
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ImageXpress Micro XLS Widefield High-Content Imaging/Analysis System (automated microscope capable of fluorescent, transmitted light, and phase-contrast imaging of fixed- or live-cell assays, tissues and small organisms)
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ImageXpress Micro (IXM) High-Content Imaging/Analysis System

EnSpire Multimode Plate Reader (label-free technology, alpha technology, ultra-sensitive luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), quad-monochromator, fluorescence intensity and absorbance)
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Victor3 Multilabel Reader (fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarisation, time-resolved fluorescence  (TRF), luminescence, absorbance and UV absorbance)

VersaMax Tunable Microplate Reader (absorbance reading)

Fluorescence Spectrometer (LS 50 B)
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ViaFlo 96/384 (electronic handheld 96/384 channel pipette)
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Children’s Medical Research Institute - Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA)
Professor Phillip Robinson    
Dr Megan Chircop    
Professor Roger Reddel    
Associate Professor Tracy M Bryan    
Dr Anthony Cesare    

University of Newcastle - Hunter Cancer Research Alliance (HCRA) and Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA) 
Professor Adam McCluskey    

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital - Hunter Cancer Research Alliance (HCRA) and Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA) 
Dr Jennette Sakoff