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  • Members of the CellBank Team
    Members of the CellBank Team

CellBank Australia TM

CellBank Australia is a facility providing cell lines to the research community, both within Australia and overseas.  The facility is open for deposit of cell lines, for provision of services, and for distribution of cell lines from a broad inventory of different species and cell types.  Services provided to researchers include Mycoplasma testing, identification of cell lines by STR profiling, culture of cell lines for expansion and return to the researcher, and storage of vials in liquid nitrogen.

The Lady Mary Fairfax CellBank Australia was established in 2005 by a joint venture of the Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI), Cure Cancer Australia Foundation, and National Breast Cancer Foundation. It has been independently operated by CMRI from July 2007.

CellBank Staff

  • Darryn Capes-Davis Head of Operations, CellBank Australia
  • Elsa Moy BAppSc Research Officer
  • Samath Pen BSc (Physiol) MSc (Mol Biol) Research Assistant
  • George Theodosopoulos BSc Research Officer
  • Amanda Capes-DavisHonorary Scientist, CellBank Australia