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Summer Projects Available

Summer Projects Available
Please contact the listed supervisor directly to apply, enclosing a CV and recent academic transcript. If selected for the project, the supervisor will assist you in applying for a University of Sydney summer scholarship


Identification and development of telomerase inhibitors as potential cancer therapeutics.
Supervisor: Dr Scott Cohen, Cell Biology Unit (
This project will assess the potency and mechanism of preliminary "hits" to come out of an active small-molecule high-throughput screening program: compounds will be evaluated for their ability to inhibit in vitro telomerase activity and the mechanism behind this inhibition will be explored.
Co-Supervisor: A/Prof. Tracy Bryan

Telomere deprotection and cancer.
Supervisor: Dr Tony Cesare, Genome Integrity Unit (
Telomeres are the structures at human chromosome ends that regulate cellular aging and tumour suppression. This project will explore how telomeres cooperate with the DNA damage response to control these phenomena.

The DNA replication stress response.
Supervisor: Dr Tony Cesare, Genome Integrity Unit (
This project will focus on how cells respond to difficulties during DNA replication (i.e. DNA replication stress) and the mechanism of cell death DNA replication stress becomes lethal.
Co-Supervisor: Dr Noa Lamm-Shalem
Biochemistry and cell biology of the cancer-associated enzyme telomerase.
Supervisor: Tracy Bryan, Cell Biology Unit (
Telomerase is the enzyme responsible for lengthening the ends of chromosomes (telomeres), thereby allowing most cancer cells to divide indefinitely.  We are determining the mechanisms of telomerase function using biochemical and cell-based approaches, with the aim of developing telomerase inhibitors as cancer therapeutics.
Co-Supervisor: Dr Scott Cohen