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The art of science is strong in research hub


Art can be found anywhere – if you look closely enough. That is exactly what the scientists of the Westmead Research Hub did, showing us that art can be found in the most unlikely of places.

This week, the Westmead Research Hub held its annual Art in Science competition, with nearly 50 entries and over 300 public votes. Each piece of art showcased the creativity of the Westmead Research Hub’s scientists and gave the public an insight into the incredible work that the researchers do. The winning pieces of art will be displayed at Westmead Hospital.

One of the competition’s founders, James Linton from the Westmead Research Hub, said that the idea started from the cell imaging and microscopy facilities.

“Every day they’re taking these beautiful photos for research papers and that’s where it would end. But it didn’t have to end there,” he said.
“We wanted to give the scientists a platform to show their creative side. This year, the quality of the images was unexpectedly incredible and proved that there is a real community of artistically minded scientists at Westmead.”

Winner of the Digital Imaging category, Fiona Yang from Children’s Medical Research Institute, found that when an experiment went wrong – an art opportunity appeared.

“They are DNA fibres stretched out on a glass coverslip and supposed to look straight and clearly separate. But this image is from an experiment failed beautifully.”

The Westmead Research Hub is a collaboration between Children’s Medical Research Institute, Western Sydney Local Health District, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Kid’s Research, The University of Sydney and Pathology West. It is a cooperative venture, formed to focus the research activities of the Westmead area for sharing resources and infrastructure, leading to better health outcomes.
Digital Imaging: Fiona Yang from Children’s Medical Research Institute
Data Visualisation: Ciccy Wang from Westmead Institute for Medical Research
Science Life: Cameron Webb from Institute for Clinical Pathology and Medical Research
Short Video: Penny Haora from Kids Research
Viewer’s Choice: Mojgan Mazan from Westmead Institute for Medical Research

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