Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Son's cancer inspired parents generosity


WHEN Josephine and Elias Awad were at the Easter Show earlier in the year, they found themselves drawn to the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s stall.

Their eldest son Dominic recently “rang the bell’’ declaring him free of cancer, and when they talked to staff from CMRI about the ground-breaking research work being done on genetic diseases, like cancer, they immediately decided to fundraise.
“I was talking to CMRI’s Head of Fundraising, Andrew Kelly,’’ Elias said. “We shared our story and shed a couple of tears. When I went home I just started putting money in a jar.’
The father of three boys and two girls feels blessed that his son, now 23, has been saved.

Josephine evens describes the motorbike accident, which revealed that their son had an eye problem and led to the cancer diagnosis, as fortunate.

“It was lucky really that he had the accident, otherwise we might not have known or found out in time.’’

Elias has spent the last six months collecting coins for his jar from everywhere he can – even looking under the car seats!

Last week, the couple and their youngest daughter, Jacinta, visited CMRI to present a $3000 cheque to Andrew Kelly.

“We didn’t want to just sit back,’’ Elias said. “We wanted to do something. Every year, on our son’s birthday of October 5, we will come back with our box of money. We are making that promise now.’’