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Seven-year-old donates hundreds in loose change

Like many seven-year-olds, Ella-Rose Young loves to collect loose change she finds around her house. Unlike most seven-year-olds, she decided to give every cent away to charity.
Last week, the team from Children’s Medical Research Institute went to Redlands at Cremorne to thank all the students for their Jeans for Genes fundraiser – with a very special nod to Ella-Rose who contributed more than $800 she had collected in a pillow case, to their total of $5,000.
According to her mum, Barbara, Ella-Rose is very much a “generous soul’’.
“Ella has been collecting our change since she was about two or three,’’ Mrs Young said. “When she heard about Jeans for Genes in class, and how the money was used, she decided she wanted to donate it all.

“I laughed when the school told me, and thought it was such a beautiful thing. We have all that we need. We’re very blessed and Ella is such a generous soul. If we are walking around town, she will want to donate to homeless people. I volunteer at a soup kitchen, and she’s seen me do that so perhaps that’s made an impact.
“It is something we should all do. It’s important for her to understand the importance of being a good and generous person.’’
Redlands Head of Preparatory School Audrey Fellows said that Redlands had been supporting Jeans for Genes Day for more than 15 years, but Ella-Rose’s efforts were particularly special.
“When I asked Ella-Rose if she’d like to keep some for herself, she said she wanted to give it all away. She said she had enough toys. She is so giving and so generous,’’ Mrs Fellowes said.
“We have a strong Service program at Redlands where students learn from the earliest years of schooling how it is possible to make a difference to those in need.
“Ella-Rose’s special contribution reflects this and the entire Redlands community is extremely proud of her.”
After Children’s Medical Research Institute staff presented Ella-Rose with a Certificate of Appreciation, another young student announced he was going to donate the entire $70 in his piggy bank.