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Scientists turn artists for a day


An image representing a long day in the lab for a CMRI scientist has won an award at the annual Westmead Research Hub Art in Science competition.

Several CMRI researchers made the finals of the event, which were announced at a ceremony at Kids’ Research on Thursday. Categories included images for those working on microscopes, those who see interesting things around their lab and even those taken across Westmead.

Those included Michael Dausmann, Steve Williams, Pragathi Masamsetti and Steven Eamegdool.

The winner of the Science Life category was Dale Cross from CMRI, and Boaz Ng from CMRI was the runner up.

Dale’s image was taken after a long day in the lab.

“It’s an image of the tops of serological pipettes, in a bioloigcal waste bin after a long day of tissue culture,’’ Dale said. “They had made this pattern, because they were packed in really tight, so I took a photo.’’

Boaz’s image was of Sodium Chloride resembling an ice sculpture. It in his first year at CMRI and he enjoyed taking part in the competition.

“It's about raising awareness for the amazing research that goes on in the Westmead Research Hub.’’

The Art in Science competition is a scientific imaging event that aims to engage researchers across the Westmead Research Hub and celebrate the creative side of science.