Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Scientists feature in new retail campaign


It’s not always easy to get young people interested in science, but a partnership between Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) and fashion retailer, Universal Store, hopes to do just that.

This is the second year that Universal Store has joined the Jeans for Genes campaign, using young scientists as models, sharing their stories, and inspiring a next generation of researchers, while raising vital funds. In the lead up to and on Jeans for Genes Day, $5 from the sale of jeans nationally went to CMRI.

The latest CMRI scientists to be included in the social media campaign were Steve Williams, Boaz Ng, Vivian Silva Kahl, Radek Szmyd and Inna Navarro.

Inna grew up in science labs watching her dad at work, and she hopes she can inspire other young people to follow a career in research.

“When I heard about the collaboration, I became very keen to get involved, as it is such a unique opportunity of being able to raise awareness for Jeans for Genes and specifically target young people my age and give them the chance to get involved. It’s easy to get caught up in work and life, and it’s nice that young people can do something as simple as get a new pair of jeans from Universal Store and look great while knowing that they are helping and contributing to something bigger.’’

Radek said he hopes young people see the campaign through Universal Store and think more about charity and giving back.

“Hopefully, people won’t buy a pair of jeans at Universal Store only because they need one, but also because they want to create a better future for kids with genetic defects. For some, this campaign might be just a first step in long-term support of CMRI’s research. Only together, with the help of fundraising, can we make progress.’’

Universal Store Marketing Manager, Emma Lamkin, said the partnership was a great opportunity for fashion-conscious youth to help change the lives of future Australians when they grab a new pair of jeans.

“Not all of us can do what the brilliant minds at CMRI do, but we can help fund their incredible work by supporting the Jeans for Genes campaign,” she said. “We’re thrilled to be raising funds and awareness for our friends at CMRI supporting their ground-breaking research and leading to a better tomorrow for little Aussies.’’