Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Scientist and rugby players raise thousands during Jeans for Genes

The scientists at CMRI are a talented bunch with a variety of skills outside of research – including ProCan researcher Dr Steve Williams who plays rugby and got his team together to do a virtual fundraiser.
Last year, his team from the Northern Saints produced limited edition denim jerseys and auctioned them off at a game to raise money as part of Jeans for Genes. This year, they were not able to hold the event, so they held a virtual auction instead and managed to raise more than $4000.
“This year we were unable to have spectators attend our games, due to COVID restrictions, which meant we were unable to run the auction live in our clubhouse after the game,’’ Dr Williams said. “It was a shame because the live auction was such an exciting aspect of the event last year and definitely helped to drive up the competition for the jerseys.”

Dr Williams said that while it was a challenging time for charities, he was very proud of the support that his club received for research.

“I feel that it is a win for science that people are still supporting this cause during this pandemic. Although the global financial climate has changed drastically, it has also highlighted the importance of funding medical research,’’ he said.

“I would encourage everyone to do a bit of investigating into the research that is done at Children's Medical Research Institute. There's a lot you can read on the website, and you'll be sure to be fascinated at the amazing work taking place. Even as a scientist, I find it fascinating to see what happens outside of my own lab group. It’s also a great way to get an insight into what the real world applications are that stem from the developments made by the institute, developments that anyone that has donated has supported and contributed to!’’