Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Schools get behind our Jeans for Genes stars


Two of the stars of the 2018 Jeans for Genes campaign had the spotlight shone very brightly on them in their own schools this week.

Children’s Medical Research Institute’s Head of Fundraising, Andrew Kelly, visited the schools of Linke and Henry, who feature in the latest campaign, to talk to the pupils about Jeans for Genes.

The first stop of the day was at Henry’s prep-school at William Carey Christian College in Prestons. Henry has a metabolic condition known as LCHAD. His body has difficulty converting fat into energy so instead can start to destroy his muscles – including his heart. He must be on a very strict diet and faces issues in the future, ranging from loss of vision to heart problems.

Mr Kelly talked about how CMRI was formed by two doctors who wanted to provide a better future for children – which prompted the youngsters to share stories of their own illnesses and even to ask the age-old question of “where do babies come from?’’

Henry proudly faced his classmates and showed them the ad, telling them how much he loved working with Jeans for Genes – particularly when he dressed up in a lab coat!

The next stop was the school of Linke, who is in remission from cancer. She attends kindergarten at Penrith Christian College. She also stood up and addressed her entire primary school.

“It was a very fun day. I got to be on TV. I was like ‘yay, it was so much fun,’’ she said.

Penrith Christian College Assistant Principal, Steve Grice, said they would proudly take part in Jeans for Genes Day on August 3.

“We are part of a bigger community,’’ Mr Grice said.

“We believe it is important to contribute to as many different causes as we can. As a Christian school, this is who we are, we have a responsibility to help others. It is not just raising money but also awareness of the cause.’’

If your school would like to take part in Jeans for Genes Day on August 3, or fundraise for Children’s Medical Research Institute during any other day of the year, visit