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School holiday science fun


The school holidays are here and if your kids are already bored, we have some fun ways for them to be entertained and educated at the same time!

Earlier this month, Children’s Medical Research Institute had a stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We taught kids how science can be fun through some activities including pipetting of food dye to make their own artistic designs. We also sold Future Scientist show bags with all the gear to have the same fun at home.

If you do have the show bag and are wondering what to do with the pipette kit at home, why not get out some food dye and challenge the kids to create a face or a rainbow? They could also make an amazing dip painting using their pipette.

CMRI researcher, Jonas Albinus, was one of those who volunteered at the Show.

“It was truly inspiring as a scientist to see so many kids being fascinated with the work we do,’’ he said. “Seeing how passionate they were when they got the chance to wear a lab coat and do simple scientist work really impressed me. It made me realise that science is not just a ‘nerdy’ thing but something that kids looks up to.”

Of course, if you didn’t make it to the Show, there are still plenty of ways to engage your Future Scientist at home—whether they’re a toddler or a teenager. Many of the parents at the Show were amazed that their children, as young as three, could stay focused on a task for so long.

CMRI researcher Samath Pen said it's never too early to introduce children to science.

“My daughter is very curious about how things work,'' she said. "So using scientific concepts in our everyday becomes a fun and interacting part of our relationship, and I believe it’s so important to nurture that curiosity in our kids.”

Here’s some inspiration from our website:

Get inspired at CMRI’s research page for kids at:

You can learn how to make DNA in your kitchen using strawberries! It is fun and very messy, which the kids adore. We also have printable word puzzles teaching children about common science terms, a colouring-in page using our Jeans for Genes helix, and challenging crosswords. Enjoy!