Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Running for a cause


When it comes to supporting Jeans for Genes, the team at Ergon Energy Retail found that by organising a fundraising event they actually strengthened their own internal team spirit.

Ergon Energy Retail is a Queensland-based energy company who has supported Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) and Jeans for Genes for many years, according to Customer Solutions Centre Team Leader, Naomi Clayson.

“It’s difficult to remember the moment we came to learn about CMRI because supporting Jeans for Genes has been a part of our culture for so long,’’ she said. “Ergon Energy Retail’s core value is to be community focused, which is a value that resonates with each of us individually. Our people are dedicated to giving back to our community.

“We have all been touched by someone or personally experienced the effects of genetic diseases or birth defects and at times, we feel powerless to help. By rallying together and raising funds to help CMRI discover treatments or cures for these kids, we knew we could make a positive difference in our own way.’’

This year they decided they wanted to support Jeans for Genes in a very active way, forming a team to take part in the Rockhampton River Run event and raising more than $7000. While not everyone is a runner, the Ergon team found that it is incredible how many staff got behind those who were running.

“Working together to raise funds for CMRI was a fantastic opportunity for the team to build rapport with one another,’’ Naomi said.

We brainstormed ideas on how we could raise funds and had a healthy competition running on who could raise the most. It was rewarding, and the team really rallied behind one another. It’s humbling to know how much support we were able to give CMRI, but more so, how much support we gave each other. Those of us who weren’t keen on actively running the race, got behind those who had registered by donating to their personal pages.’’

Naomi said the Ergon team already had a great team spirit but fundraising just enhanced it.

“One of the reasons why I love to work for Ergon Energy Retail is because of the people who make this organization great with their amazing team spirit. Working together is something we do really well. I believe team spirit is engrained in our culture and this is what helped us raise so much for CMRI. With that said, it was still a fantastic opportunity to strengthen already strong friendships.’’

Supporting CMRI doesn’t have to revolve around Jeans for Genes Day on August 2nd. You can fundraise at any time of year, in any way you see fit! You could get a group of colleagues or friends together to do a running event or simply hold a morning tea. Visit to find out more ways to take part.