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Research institutes unite ahead of federal election

The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) has addressed all parties ahead of the federal election with a strong statement on the importance of funding medical research.

The AAMRI, which represents Children's Medical Research Institute, claims that in just 10 years’ time, Australia can have the world’s number one health system, but this depends on secure, long-term investment into a research-led health system. Currently, however, only 0.6% of our total $180 billion healthcare spending is large scale federal investment into medical research programs.

A recent analysis showed that every $1 invested in medical research returned $4 in benefits.
Professor Vlado Perkovic, President of AAMRI, is adamant that research is the key to a world-leading and affordable healthcare system.

“Now is the ideal time to step back and look at our health system and see how we can use research to make transformative changes.” Professor Perkovic is optimistic that medical research investment can find ways of providing healthcare we haven’t yet considered. “We need to use research not just to find new cures for diseases, but also to find smart and more efficient ways to deliver healthcare.”

In order for our healthcare system to reach its potential, AAMRI is calling on both parties to support the following three priorities:
1. Deliver a fully funded Medical Research Future Fund by 2020–21.
2. Make sure NHMRC grants keep ahead of inflation.
3. Attract and retain medical researchers—especially mid-career researchers.

The AAMRI and CMRI stands in solidarity with this important bipartisan message. The 2019 AAMRI election statement and a short explainer video can be found here: