Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Raise money at any time of year

When it comes to supporting Children’s Medical Research Institute, Pam Hind won’t be waiting until Jeans for Genes Day, because she has an annual Christmas in July fundraiser for the cause instead!
“We always sell Jeans for Genes merchandise, but I really wanted to extend our fundraising beyond that,’’ Pam said. “It’s such a good cause.’’
She had been organising Christmas in July events at her previous work places for various charities but always came back to Jeans for Genes because she felt a personal connection to the cause.
“We’ve dabbled with other charities, but our family has been touched by cancer, and by the death of babies,’’ Pam said. “I lost one at 25 minutes old and one at 82 minutes. It was 38 years ago now and my sister-in-law also lost a baby around that time.’’

When Pam decided to start working for her two sons, Trent and Wade, at their pub O’Dowd’s Hotel in Rockhampton last year, she set about organising her first Christmas in July High Tea. It was so successful, raising $3000, she’s converted it into a sit-down two-course lunch this year on July 28th.
“This year, we thought we’d change it up,’’ she said. “I have a big group of friends who are my helpers. The staff donate their time, including the chef and all the other staff. I have no problems with prizes; all my friends help out to source them.’’
Pam said fundraisers were a great way to feel as though you were giving back.
“I just think every dollar helps, even if you’re just getting some friends together for a morning tea,’’ she said. “I think it’s an important cause. No one wants to see children suffer. Helping out gives you that really strong feeling of self-worth. We all enjoy doing it.’’
You don’t have to wait until Jeans for Genes Day on August 2nd to fundraise! You can organise an event at any time of year. It could be a morning tea, a cake stall or sit-down lunch.
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