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ProCan features in STEM talk


The broad application of STEM subjects was presented by two Children’s Medical Research Institute staff to students of Barker College and the wider community this week.

CMRI computational mathematician, Dr Akila Seneviratne, and Community Fundraising Manager, Jennifer Philps, spoke at the STEM event.
Jennifer gave an overview of ProCan and Akila talked about the role of the software engineering team within ProCan and the projects that are currently underway. Akila said she enjoyed speaking to the students and teaching them about the jobs you can get with STEM subjects.
“Not a lot of people understand what research entails. It is exciting to raise awareness of on-going, interesting projects and their potential.
“Young people should do what excites them. I don’t have a STEM and only STEM attitude. But people tend to shy away from STEM because they have a narrow view of it, and they don’t know the broad spectrum of applications.
“I think we should help young people see the possibilities of a STEM career. Then they can make an informed decision about their career path. ‘’

Other speakers included Australian Cancer Research Foundation Chief Operating Officer, Kerry Strydom, on the impact of technology in the area of science and about their support and funding of ProCan.
CMRI’s Jennifer Philps is known to many as the face of the Institute. People may not know that she worked at Barker many years ago as a teacher.