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Our most loyal supporters meet as one


It is always a momentous occasion when the Annual Meeting of the Committees is held, but this year there were some particularly impressive celebrations, including those marking 60 years of support for Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) and a couple of fresh faces.

The 57th Annual Meeting of the Committees of CMRI was held on Friday 25th May and was attended by all the groups from as far afield as Canberra, Cessnock, Gerringong, Gosford, Goulburn, Kangaroo Valley, Mudgee, Wagga Wagga and the wonderful groups that are close to home in Sydney.

Dozens packed into the seminar room at CMRI in Westmead to talk about each committee’s fundraising achievements for the last 12 months, and learn from each other about new ways to attract interest and support for the cause.

CMRI Director, Professor Roger Reddel, welcomed all those in attendance, including several members of the CMRI Board and research team, and thanked the committees for their work.

“We owe it to all of you, that we have the ability to do this work,’’ Professor Reddel said.

Some of the highlights of the day included the Canberra Committee revealing they had raised $85,000 in 2017, mostly through their annual luncheon and a cocktail event.

The newly-formed Cessnock City Supports Committee said they had been most successful at fundraising through Bunnings barbecues. Last year they raised on average $1500 at each of the nine events they held.

Down at Gerringong, they revealed that they had attracted younger supporters with events like boot camp yoga, asking for a Blue Note donation.

The newest committee, formed only last month, is based out of Goulburn. They will start with a cocktail party around Jeans for Genes Day and “see how it goes’’.

Hills Committee president and CMRI Board member, Patti Payne, announced they had raised $100,000.
“I find this day, hearing from other committees, very exhilarating,’’ Mrs Payne said.

The Kangaroo Valley Committee were CMRI’s first committee, and they are celebrating 60 years of fundraising for CMRI. They declared there was “no way we’re giving up now’’.

They reported they had doubled their membership to eight people and were getting the local school involved in some hands-on fundraising support. The CMRI Racquet Committee will also celebrate 60 years shortly.

The committees all had a particular thank you to CMRI's Jennifer Philps who was responsible for the day.