Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Online fundraising challenge

When every event across Australian was cancelled due to the pandemic, the founders of CMRI’s Denim Committee got inventive!
They decided to come up with a fundraising event that everyone could do at home, would keep them all focused and healthy – while raising money for research. No Junk Food June was born!
The Denim Committee are known primarily for their Denim Disco which is aimed at children and encouraging them to think about fundraising to help the lives of other kids who are living with genetic disease.
The founders of the newly created CMRI Denim Committee, Meg Tudehope and Alethea Flynn are extremely passionate about the health and decided to invite all their friends and family to cut out junk food for the entire month of June and instead, opt for more healthier alternatives.
“Bringing an education element to fundraising events for kids can be challenging,’’ Meg said. “So, this year No Junk Food June was about how your genes, and therefore your health, can be impacted by what you eat. I was so impressed at how all the kids involved stuck to it and even more surprising, a few have decided themselves that they felt better and so have continued avoiding junk post June.’’
The Denim Committee raised an incredible $8000 to go to the researchers at CMRI.