Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


New cities taking part in Jeans for Genes for first time


For the 25th Anniversary of Jeans for Genes we are heading to four new locations to make it our biggest and best year yet!

We will have volunteers hitting the streets, mall, market places and others hubs on The Gold Coast, in Darwin, Launceston and Hobart for the first time.

One person who is very excited to see Jeans for Genes on the streets of her city is Hobart resident Carole Cross, who is a long-term supporter of Children’s Medical Research Institute.

“My son, mum, and sister have all died from a condition known as ‘Myotonic Dystrophy’ which is an inherited disorder,’’ Carole said.

“My mum and sister developed symptoms during adulthood, whilst Jess had congenital Myotonic Dystrophy and didn’t survive past five days old.

 “I suppose what attracted me to this cause is I believe that not only do people need assistance, but study needs to be done to try and combat these conditions.”

Over the years, Carole has made efforts to fundraise and has donated hundreds of dollars to Children’s Medical Research Institute.

“I normally just sell a box of merchandise but have donated a couple of times. Unfortunately, I too have this condition and although still working can’t get around as well as I used too.”

On Friday, August 3rd, businesses, shops and schools all over Australia will be taking part in Jeans for Genes Day.

If you can spare a few hours to help out by collecting donations and selling merchandise, please sign up at or contact the Jeans for Genes team via email