Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


New Jeans for Genes campaign for 2019

Get ready to learn more about children’s genetic diseases in the new Jeans for Genes campaign we just shot for 2019.
1 in 20 kids face a birth defect or genetic disease. That’s one in every classroom. Last year, Jeans for Genes shared some of their faces and some of their stories, and in 2019 we’ll introduce you to six new children and their families living with genetic diseases in the hopes of raising more awareness, more understanding, and more funding for vital research.

Every one of these children deals with a condition that negatively affects their day to day life. From cystic fibrosis and cancer to conditions you may not have heard of, like cystinosis. Many of these diseases are incurable.
Our new campaign will help make some of these unknown diseases known and ensure the children with them are not faceless.
We’ll provide an insight into what living with a genetic disease means for them – and how research could change their lives. We will talk about how community support has kept our gene therapy program alive – and how we are now starting to see how powerful that investment will be for future generations of children.

Despite all the heavy lifting Jeans for Genes plans to do in 2019, we haven’t forgotten how fun it is to be a kid, and neither have the kids in this campaign!
Despite all these children deal with every day, they are still happy– and filming for this year’s campaign turned out to be one very fun ride. There will be giggles, dimples and bright-eyed joy in every child’s eyes.
We can’t wait for you to see the updated campaign, which will be launched in April.