Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Melbourne Cup events with a heart


It may be the race that stops a nation, but for CMRI supporters it is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and fundraise for research.

This year, our Kangaroo Valley Committee and our Racquet Committee both held Melbourne Cup Day fundraising events within their communities. It is a real highlight on the tiny Kangaroo Valley community’s calendar and always a great way for the ladies to promote their commitment to the cause.
In 2019, we also had a new Melbourne Cup Day event which was held at the home of CMRI supporter, Meg Tudehope. She transformed her beautiful Sydney home into a gorgeous event location.

Guest speakers at Meg’s event included Dr Anai Gonzalez Cordero, who is establishing CMRI’s Stem Cell Facility. She was joined by mother, Sally Filtness, whose family have been fundraising for CMRI for several decades. Sally talked about her daughter, Chloe, being diagnosed with cancer and the importance of research.
Sally reminded the guests that while cancer is treatable, those treatments can have lasting impacts on children – and that’s why research into better options was vital.
“It’s incredible that we have Chloe with us today, living life with joy in the same way that her twin sister Zara does,’’ Sally said.
“But her journey with cancer isn’t over. It may impact on her learning, her development and growth, her future health, her ability to have a family – the side effects of treatment will never leave her. Chloe may develop future problems - high blood pressure or protein in the urine. Possibly breast cancer where they did three weeks of radiation in her chest after the operation.’’
She urged those at the luncheon to donate to CMRI and quoted a line from book The Power of One.
“A waterfall begins from only one drop of water, sir. Look what comes from that.’’