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MP meets researchers at ProCan


Long term supporter of Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW MP, Mark Taylor visited the world-leading ACRF ProCan facility at Westmead this week.

The Member for Seven Hills has shown great interest in the cutting-edge research conducted at CMRI and was particularly keen to visit ProCan and hear about the latest developments.

ProCan is the world’s only research facility to focus on high-throughput cancer proteomics and big data proteogenomics. It aims to change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.

As part of the project, researchers will analyse thousands of proteins simultaneously in up to 70,000 cancers of all types from patients worldwide, and will use advanced computational techniques to learn how to accurately diagnose, and predict the most effective treatments for, each cancer, with greater speed and accuracy than is possible today.

CMRI’s Director, Professor Roger Reddel who is also the co-Director of ProCan, took Mr Taylor on a tour and explained the program involves a large network of collaborations, across NSW, Australia and the world.

“We are speaking with Australian and international experts with high-value collections of different cancer types and anticipate working with around 150 leading cancer research groups.’’

Head of the Director’s Office Dr Nalini Swaminathan said the ProCan team had already actively engaged with 35 research groups.

Prof Reddel said, “We have greatly appreciated the enthusiasm shown by our colleagues in other research centres – essentially everyone we’ve approached about working with us on this project have said 'how soon can we start?' ’’.

Mr Taylor took the time to speak with CMRI’s researchers about their work and thanked them for their dedication.

“It is fantastic to have such an important facility based in Western Sydney, performing very exciting world-leading research, and providing first-rate training for our young people as well as high-value jobs,’’ Mr Taylor said.
The NSW Government has provided critically important seed funding for ProCan's research program through Cancer Institute NSW and the Ministry of Health.