Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Leaders in cancer research gather during Science Week


The Future of Cancer: Can We Find a Cure - was the topic of a Sydney Science Festival event that was moderated by Children’s Medical Research Institute Director Professor Roger Reddel on Monday night.

The University of Sydney hosted the event, which was held at Westmead Institute for Medical Research, as part of National Science Week and the Sydney Ideas series.
Professor Reddel was joined by his Westmead colleagues Professor Anna de Fazio, Associate Professor Matteo Carlino, and Dr Kenneth Micklethwaite at the event – which was sold out.

Professors De Fazio and Reddel, who are both laboratory-based researchers, outlined complementary approaches to molecular profiling of individual cancers as the basis for finding the best possible treatment for each patient. Associate Professor Carlino and Dr Micklethwaite, who are both active clinicians, outlined different ways of using the immune system to attack cancer cells, and provided examples of some spectacular recent successes.
In the wide-ranging discussion, Associate Professor Carlino described how important it is to manage the expectations of cancer patients in this era of new treatments which work amazingly well for some, but not all, patients. The importance of close collaboration between the cancer clinic and cancer research laboratories was also highlighted, as well as the ongoing and critically important role of fundamental cancer research to achieve the aim of successfully treating every cancer patient in the future.

The Westmead precinct is one of the largest health, education and research precincts in Australia. Sydney Ideas, the University of Sydney’s public events program, is partnering with the precinct to open conversations about teaching, research and innovation to the whole community.