Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Investing in future generations


Giving is in Struan Lamport’s blood.

Her family have been supporters of Children’s Medical Research Institute for more than 40 years and Struan is ensuring that the legacy continues now and into the future.

Struan and her sister Kay recently visited CMRI to tour the labs and talk about the family connection and how they could help fund more research.

It was their father Norman Keith “Butts’’ Lamport who originally donated to CMRI. The Australian rugby player, Rhodes Scholar and engineer felt that investing in research was vital.

“Dad donated for many years, he was a very generous man,’’ Kay said. “He would say that he wanted all children to have that possibility, to be able to play football for Australia or be a Rhodes scholar.’’

Many years ago, Struan decided that she would set aside money in her will to continue the family tradition but then discussion turned to why not donate now? She was a nurse working with premature babies in the 1960s and always understood the value of investing in medical research. She even worked with CMRI’s founder Sir Lorimer Dods.

 “I knew Sir Lorimer,’’ Struan said. “He was always Santa at the Christmas parties!’’

As well as working with sick children, Struan also understood what they were going through. She had a serious illness as a child, which her father supported her through.

“I was bed-ridden as a teenager and my father taught me to walk again.’’

Kay said when she and Struan discussed supporting CMRI, they decided that now was the time to invest. Struan has now been a donor for 26 years.

“Struan always wanted her will to be left to the Institute, but we started to talk about, why not be a donor when you’re alive,’’ Kaye said. “That way you can see the benefits yourself.’’

If you would like to find out more about regular giving to CMRI, or a bequest, phone 1800 436 437.