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Her legacy lives on

When Judith Hyam died from cancer in 1990, she would never have imagined that a faithful band of friends and supporters would have formed a trust in her name with a truly wonderful legacy that lives on to this day.

On 10 June 2014, a milestone was reached when the Memorial Trust Fund handed over a cheque to CMRI Professor Roger Reddel, indicating the fund had donated $1,000,000 for cancer research. Each year since 1995 a scholarship was awarded to PhD students in cancer research from the Trust Fund and all the recipients have proved very worthy candidates following promising careers in medical research.

Present on the evening was the first recipient Dr Katherine Jeffrey, now a medical specialist at Westmead Hospital and the original President of the Trust Mr Des Kennedy (now 93 years), current PhD scholarship recipients Joyce Lee and Monica Brygula together with many magnificent fundraisers who work tirelessly in the Parramatta community for cancer research at CMRI. 

Professor Reddel gave a stirring account of the achievements and progress being made in his field in studying telomerase, a protein involved in cancer.