Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Disco for next generation of philanthropists


Sydney has no shortage of generous donors who are willing to give to a good cause, but how do you encourage philanthropy in a generation of children that were given iPads as toys before they could even talk?

Two Sydney women have taken it upon themselves to change all that with a new fundraising event for Children’s Medical Research Institute – The Denim Disco. It is changing the face of traditional fundraisers, which are usually formal events aimed directly at adults.

Co-founders of The Denim Disco, Meg Tudehope and Alethia Flynn, said they wanted to make a difference.
“We’d go to charity functions a lot but we wanted to do something that was child-focused,’’ Meg said. “I had an idea to do something that involved children. It’s all about kids, helping kids. It’s important for kids to see their parents donating to people and helping others. We wanted our children to know, this is how you can help. I’d really love to build the philanthropists of the future.”

The concept of The Denim Disco is part kid-friendly event with balloon-sculptures and fun food for them, combined with a sit-down dinner for the parents and some impressive auction items.

“I love seeing an event that’s fundraising for research,’’ Alethia said. “If our children can give back, they are essentially offering hope. We want them to start thinking about that process of helping others. People just love that idea of kids fundraising for other kids.’’

Meg said when they both found out about Children’s Medical Research Institute’s ProCan project – they knew they wanted to be part of it. ProCan is the world’s only research facility to focus on high throughput cancer proteomics and big data. It aims to change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Researchers will analyse thousands of proteins simultaneously in up to 70,000 cancers of all types from patients worldwide and will use advanced computational techniques to learn how to accurately diagnose and predict the most effective treatments for each cancer.

“Research is about helping that family who pray every night, ‘please let something work to help my child’,’’ Meg said.

The Denim Disco is on Saturday, 5th May and is a sold-out event.

The organisers would like to thank the generous sponsors including:
Crown Towers, Caves Beach, Jonah’s at Palm Beach, Moet and Hennessy, Goal Soccer Academy, Sydney Kings, The Voice, Sandra Glynn, Let’s Go Surfing, AYR House Darling Point, Aaron Teece from Studio Neon, That’s My Cake, Alice McCall, RVCA, Claire Aristides Fine Jewellery, Smokks New York, Paddy to Palmy, Love Duck Boutique, MyStreetThreads, Kristin Fisher Eyebrows, Macquarie Telecom Group, Bondi Wash, Mecca Cosmetica, Gelato Messina, TheSpot2Be, Tutu Studios, Tan at Tanmade, Matt Falloon, Nudie Jeans, O&M, TuTu Studios, Work-Shop, Sofitel Wentworth, Lumira, Star Mela, Amanda Barden, Buds and Bower, Salus, Karpati Medispa and The Stuffed Beaver.