Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Coming together - while apart

CMRI’s incredible Fundraising Committees usually gather at Westmead for their Annual General Meeting but this year a pandemic got in the way.

At this event, the committees from all over NSW have a chance to meet, mingle and share the wonderful stories of how their community has rallied behind CMRI research.

Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled, but instead we recorded a very special presentation for everyone! We had staff and researchers read out key parts of every committee’s annual report which was then recoded and sent to all members.

Some of the highlights included the Mudgee Committee raising $117,000 at an event which was designed to educate their local area about Spinal Muscular Atrophy – which impacts a local child.

Another fantastic result came through from the Quirindi Committee who raised $21,000 through a new idea of selling second-hand clothes at a pop up shop in their town. Their weekend event ended up running for three weeks!