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Celebrating 60 years of our fundraising committees


Sixty years ago, a mother asked acclaimed paediatrician Sir Lorimer Dods how she could repay him for saving her child’s life. His reply was to form a fundraising committee for Children’s Medical Research Institute, and that group is still going strong today.

That original fundraising committee, from Kangaroo Valley, is one of many that were acknowledged for their ongoing dedication at a special event held at the University of Sydney last week.

Every year, CMRI’s fundraising committees from all over NSW and ACT gather to report on their incredible efforts and to be inspired by each other’s energy. This year, to mark the 60th anniversary of CMRI, a luncheon was held at MacLaurin Hall.

CMRI’s Director Professor Roger Reddel thanked all the committees for their tireless work and gave them an update on how their funds were assisting future research.

As well as all the committees, the luncheon was attended by the families of Sir Lorimer Dods and of long-time CMRI Director, Professor Peter Rowe. It was announced that a new fellowship and scholarship would be established in the name of Professor Rowe, and the first recipient was Naz Salehin from CMRI’s Embryology Unit.

Professor Rowe’s son, Professor Dominic Rowe, said he felt like he grew up at CMRI as a child following his father around the building and knew his father would have loved the fellowship.

“It is a great honour,” Dominic said. “My father was so proud of CMRI and what the scientists achieve. He said science moved forward because young scientists do experiments that older scientist ‘knew’ wouldn’t work.’’