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Cancer researcher accepts grant funding

A young cancer researcher at Children’s Medical Research Institute has met with some of the supporters who are funding her work.

Dr Vivian Kahl was one of 11 researchers to benefit from a shared $665,310 raised by the Can Too Foundation for Cure Cancer. She was presented with the cheque, on behalf of all the researchers, at a Can Too event with their fundraising runners.

Dr Kahl is developing a new technique known as Telomere Fiber-FISH (TFF) to measure telomere lengths in cancer cells. She aims to develop a new screening platform to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Originally from Brazil, Dr Kahl said she very much appreciated the support from organisations like the Can Too Foundation and Cure Cancer.

“It strikes me how much Australians care, encourage and are proud of the achievements made in science,” she says.

“Ultimately, countries that support and invest in research are the ones with the best life quality, as this represents health management, assistance and life support.

“As government funds are insufficient to allow medical researchers to keep seeking and finding solutions, donations and fundraisers are therefore vital.”

Can Too chief executive officer Peter McLean paid tribute to researchers like Dr Kahl.

“Cancer researchers are our most valuable assets for the fight against cancer. It’s important our leaders help to attract and retain our best medical researchers by developing sustainable and rewarding career pathways.”