Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


COVID-19 Impact on CMRI


At Children’s Medical Research Institute, we are taking the impact of COVID-19 very seriously.

 It is obviously not business as usual for most of us right now, and that includes our scientists. CMRI has asked as many of its staff and students as possible to work off-site to protect its scientists who need to continue working in their labs at Westmead.
This has also had a significant impact on our supporters, most notably our hard-working Fundraising Committees who have had to cancel all their up-coming events, with a heavy heart.
While it is a stressful time for everyone, we want our CMRI community to be reassured that we are coming up with new and creative ways to support the vital work our scientists are doing.

CMRI is doing its part in the fight against this virus. We are engaging in research towards a treatment, and we are keeping our high-tech equipment available around the clock for our colleagues working on COVID-19 research elsewhere at Westmead in case they need it. Westmead is a major centre both for treatment of infected patients and for viral research. CMRI also has staff and equipment on standby to help with virus testing if the health system becomes overwhelmed.
CMRI has also been doing all we can to keep our staff, students, volunteers and visitors safe, and to ensure the safety of our community.
At the same time, we are also endeavouring to continue our work. The importance of medical research has never been more evident to the whole world. We do not intend to retreat from our battles against cancer, inherited diseases and other serious diseases of childhood, which will still be a major burden on children and their families when this pandemic is over.
With the help of those in the community who are still able to support us during this time, we are determined to adapt creatively to the unfolding situation, stay strong, and grow stronger.

We will continue to update everyone about which events have been cancelled, which ones will go ahead in a different format, and how you can continue to advocate and fundraise for us in coming months to ensure that the incredible work being done in our labs can continue now and into the future.
Now, more than ever, Australians realise how critically important investment in research is.
Thank you for your ongoing support in these challenging times. We look forward to continuing to help the 1 in 20 children who face a birth defect or genetic disease.