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CMRI unit head meets former US vice president


A key member of the Children Medical Research Institute team met former US president Joe Biden at the Human Proteome Organisation 2017 Global Leadership Gala Dinner held in Dublin, Ireland last month.
Cell Signalling Unit Head Phil Robinson was representing ProCan and travelled to the US with Mark Baker from Macquarie University as part of the Australian consortium of the Cancer Moonshot initiative.
The concept behind the gala was to bring together the world’s leading proteomic and proteogenomic researchers with a focus on promoting the International Cancer Proteogenome Consortium - of which Australia was the first member. The 11-member countries have pledged to publicly share their proteogenomic data to “accelerate the understanding of common and rare cancers around the world’’.

Mr Biden spoke because of his association with Cancer Moonshot. In 2016, former US President Barack Obama announced the Moonshot initiative to eliminate cancer. It was in part inspired by Mr Biden’s son, Beau, who died from brain cancer in 2015.
“Every day, every minute matters to patients, and we must bring that sense of urgency to our cancer research and care systems,’’ Mr Biden said.

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