Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


CMRI's Dedicated Fundraiser


It doesn’t take much persuasion for Jonathan Martin to take on a 21.1 kilometre run for charity. The father of three is pulling on his joggers, and braving the chilly Victorian temperatures in this weekend’s Melbourne Run. The Melbourne local is jogging for an issue close to home. “One of my children has Cystic Fibrosis, which is a genetic disorder, which there is currently no cure… genetic research, I believe will be the key to this and many other genetic illnesses, so it’s important to keep programs that Children’s Medical Research Institute is undertaking, running. No pun intended,” he said. All funds raised by Jonathan will go back into the dedicated research being undertaken by scientists at CMRI.

Jonathan has been training for more than seven months, and says the encouragement he has received from his family and friends has been his driving force.  “It’s really great to see the support from my kids and it’s also an interesting thing for them to witness. It is easy to forget how they are living through the training too and I am sure they will be proud of dad crossing the line at the end of the day. This is something that I feel is showing them how you can make a difference in the world not just talking about it, but by giving them a sense of social responsibility.”

Jonathan says his overall goal is to thank the people for the donations they so kindly provided, by completing the run and the distance. But he says most importantly, he wants to raise funds for research into genetic diseases. “I looked over all the charities that were looking for support and when I found CRMI, I knew that was the one for me.”