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CMRI mentor honoured and remembered by artists and scientists

In his passing, Dr. Peter Jeffrey, former Head of the Developmental Neurobiology Unit and Deputy Director at CMRI, was able to bring together artists and scientists to inspire and empower.

The late Dr. Jeffrey (PJ to his staff), was remembered through a series of images encapsulating his work at the Neuronal Knitwork Community Art Project at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre during August and September.

PJ was a biochemist who specialised in neuronal development. Fitting that, images taken by PJ during his time at CMRI were displayed at the project, which aimed to promote mind and brain health, and bring together artists and scientists in work inspired by neuronal images.

Artist Pat Pillai used PJ’s images in a lovely tribute as part of the exhibit thanks to the help of CMRI’s Amanda Capes-Davis and PJ’s daughter Katherine.

“PJ is very special to the students and staff at CMRI, and it’s wonderful to have this chance to remember him and celebrate a few of the beautiful images that his lab produced in 20 years of research at CMRI,” Amanda said.

“He was a fantastic mentor, known to many of the scientists, and supervised a number of students (including 30 PhD students).”

PJ retired in 2005 and passed away in 2009, but the impact he made in his field will forever be remembered.

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