Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


CMRI Supporter News

It’s been a busy few months for supporters of Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Under glorious blue skies at the historic home Heaton Lodge, where the very first fundraiser the Mudgee Committee held 59 years ago, a repeat luncheon took place, celebrating their 50 years of fundraising. A spectacular luncheon in the exquisite garden was enjoyed by old and new members of the committee, together with friends and supporters. CMRI Director Professor Roger Reddel held a captive audience as he explained the concept of ProCan. In all, $17,000 was raised. What a day! Congratulations to the Mudgee Committee on 50 years fundraising.

The past Presidents of CMRI's Mudgee Committee

Meanwhile, CMRI was lucky enough to have visits from several school groups. In November, the year 10 students at Penrith Christian School were researching cancer and endeavouring to answer the question ‘Can money buy a cure?’. They will be producing a documentary on the importance of funding medical research.  After visiting the Children’s Hospital for a tour, the students made their way to CMRI for an overview of cancer and what it is, its causes, why it’s so difficult to find a cure, and the importance of medical research. They had the opportunity to see cause and effect. They were so excited and thoroughly enjoyed their time at CMRI, especially the glorious spread of homemade delicacies!

Penrith Christian School at CMRI in Westmead

For over 35 years, the students at Earle Page College in Armidale have supported CMRI in their fundraising. A group from the school paid CMRI a visit to see firsthand how their hard-earned funds will be used – and they were delighted with what they saw! They are an extraordinary and delightful group with drive, enthusiasm and dedication and hope to reach a target of $40,000 in 2017.


Earle Page College

Finally, CMRI’s Canberra Committee hosted over 500 guests at the Annual Luncheon. 100 volunteers helped ensure the event was a success, helped by the clear blue skies and shining sun.  Professor Phil Robinson gave an eloquent speech touched with his own brand of humour, enticing everyone to dig deep. so An amazing $71,000 was raised for CMRI!