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Businesses showing real philanthropy at Denim Dinner

When a business is handing out advice on philanthropy, it is essential that it walks the talk.

Stanford Brown Financial Advisers may be helping their clients to understand how best to approach philanthropy, but Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Hoyle, knows exactly what it is to give back.

“We have had the philosophy of giving, pretty much since the beginning of Stanford Brown,’’ Mr Hoyle said. “For me it’s about the joy of giving. It’s satisfying. Whether you are giving your money or your time, it’s very joyful and fulfilling. We make it part of everything we do.’’

As well as a scheme to match staff donations to charities, offering a pro bono service to one family a year, and having a staff philanthropy committee – Stanford Brown choose a charity partner. The staff committee chose Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) at Westmead, who are known for their Jeans for Genes campaign, which is now in its 25th year.

 “We came across CMRI through a client. We went on a tour, and I was really bowled over by the enthusiasm of everyone from the administrative staff to the scientists. There was a shared passion. We were smitten with the passion and enthusiasm.

“I feel that researchers are the unsung heroes. They toil away in their lab for little gain, little money or power or glory or fame. Their work has so much potential benefit for so many. There is this modesty and humbleness.’’

Mr Hoyle said it was very powerful to choose a charity or not-for-profit that you could work closely with.

“There is no right or wrong way to do this, it’s very personal,’’ Mr Hoyle said. “All I can say is, set a goal. CMRI set a goal for us in fundraising and it was very ambitious - $100,000 over three years and we reached $160,000.
“It’s not hard to build a giving philosophy. It makes your organisation slightly more human, but you have to be authentic about it. It can’t be about ticking a box; you’ve got to get the staff involved and do it properly. It does require work, but it really is a joy.’’

Stanford Brown do a lot of their fundraising for Children’s Medical Research Institute at their annual charity gala, The Denim Dinner. It will be held on July 21st at The Star, and tickets are still available. Head to