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Westmead Alliance

On Thursday 6th June, 2013 the ‘Westmead Alliance’, which includes Parramatta City Council, Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Westmead Private Hospital, University of Sydney, Westmead Millenium Institute and the Western Sydney Local Health Service District revealed a concept plan to relieve Westmead’s parking and congestion pressures.

The area treats 1 million patients a year and employs 16,000 health professionals and researchers, but is plagued with poor parking and transport issues, which CMRI Director Professor Roger Reddel said has cost the region valuable science and medical staff.

“The Westmead Health and Medical Precinct is one of the greatest in the nation, but partly as a result of that, getting in and out of this precinct has become a really major problem.

“Our own staff has told us repeatedly that suitable transport, or lack thereof, is an overwhelming disadvantage of working here, and we’ve actually lost senior recruits when they realise how difficult it is to find parking here.”

The $68 million plan aims to increase parking near the Westmead hospitals and research centres – which are 800m away from the Westmead Train Station - and decrease traffic congestion through bridge, road and intersection upgrades.