Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


Annual gala event celebrates support for research


It started out as a unique fundraising auction of celebrity jeans, and today The Denim Dinner has developed into a way for the community to connect with the incredible researchers who are changing the way we deal with children’s genetic diseases.

On Saturday 21st July, Children’s Medical Research Institute will mark the 25th Anniversary of Jeans for Genes at its major fundraising gala event – The Dinner Denim.

The event is always held in the lead up to Jeans for Genes Day, which is on the first Friday in August, but it has taken on many forms over the years.

In its early days The Denim Dinner was known as The Celebrity Jeans Art Auction. It was where famous citizens of the world donated their jeans, which were signed and often painted by leading Australian artists, to raise money for Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Anyone who was anyone took part. There were jeans owned by Barbara Streisand, Giorgio Armani, Andre Agassi, Nicole Kidman, Michael Jackson and even Prince Charles. It captured the imagination of the art world and featured the incredible work of everyone from Bill Leak to David Boyd.

Over the years, it became clear that while Jeans for Genes is a fun concept to draw people’s attention to a vital cause – the focus needed to shift to that cause itself.
Today, The Denim Dinner is about much more than dinner or denim.

It is about inviting hundreds of Children’s Medical Research Institute’s most valued supporters into one room and allowing them to hear exactly where their fundraising dollar goes.

It is about our researchers getting up on stage and telling the community, in their own words, how vital their support is to these hard-working scientists.

It is about hearing the stories of the parents and the children who will directly benefit from the work of those researchers, and how it is changing their lives every day.

Anyone who has been to The Denim Dinner knows the power of the event. You simply can’t leave without being moved by the impact of experiencing, for yourself, exactly how valuable medical research is and how life-changing its impact can be.

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