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Abbexa Licenses Novel Telomerase Reagents from CMRI

Along with Abbexa Ltd we are pleased to announce we have entered into an Exclusive License, Supply and Distribution Agreement for the following telomerase research reagents: primary antibody and antigenic peptide for telomerase immunoprecipitation and telomerase high-expressing cell pellets. 

These novel telomerase research products represent powerful and important tools for superior purification of telomerase and more effective and accurate telomerase studies. This agreement makes these research products available to the academic research community for non-commercial research purposes. The agreement was facilitated by Bio-Link Australia, a life sciences commercialisation company.

The portfolio of novel telomerase reagents was developed by leading telomere and telomerase research groups located at CMRI and led by Dr Scott Cohen, Associate Professor Tracy Bryan and Professor Roger Reddel.

The reagents fill a currently unmet need for tools to purify telomerase, precisely quantify telomerase enzymatic activity and source high levels of telomerase protein.

Prof. Reddel & CMRI Director said;
These telomerase reagents are unprecedented as tools to produce and purify telomerase. Historically, this has been challenging and unreliable due to the very low expression of telomerase in cells and paucity of effective commercially available antibodies. These reagents will facilitate more effective and specific analysis of telomerase biology. We are delighted to make them available through Abbexa to the global scientific community.

Sabrina Calabressi, Managing Director for Abbexa commented;
We are committed to providing high quality products to the scientific community to facilitate medical research and new discoveries. CMRI’s optimised telomerase reagents will give researchers the ability to simply and accurately obtain large amounts of purified and active telomerase for their telomerase studies or drug development”.

The telomerase reagents and cell pellets now available from Abbexa include:
hTERT Antibody (abx120550, CMRI 276-294)
CMRI 276-294 is a polyclonal anti-sheep hTERT antibody used to achieve high-level telomerase enrichment via a mild immunoprecipitation procedure. The antibody was generated by Dr Lorel Colgin against the peptide antigen based on hTERT hydrophilic amino acids 276 to 294.

hTERT Peptide (abx069990, Antigenic release peptide for CMRI 276-294)
The antigenic release peptide complements immunoprecipitation of telomerase by facilitating the dissociation of the CMRI 276-294 antibody – telomerase enzyme complex under mild conditions, resulting in retention of telomerase activity.

HEK-293T TERT Cell Pellet (abx069991, Telomerase high-expressing cell pellets)
Telomerase high-expressing HEK-293T cell pellets allow large scale manufacture and purification of active telomerase. Compared to other commercially available products, these cells have much higher levels of telomerase, good stability and batch-to-batch consistency with retained telomerase enzyme activity.

hTERT Antibody and hTERT peptide are also sold together as a kit (abx098990).