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90 Minutes for Cancer and Years of Impact


Some people may think that nothing good can come from a bunch of boys joking around at a friend’s backyard party, but they’ve never met the team behind 90 Minutes for Cancer.

Three years ago, a group of mostly teens had gathered at a friend’s house when a challenge went down—their friendly banter was to form into a fun, community-led soccer match, with one catch: it had to be for a charitable cause.

“We had a bit of banter and talked about playing a game with our friends and what if we made it a fundraiser for charity,’’ one of the founders, Frankie, said. “A friend’s mum had breast cancer come back for the second time. The idea just exploded from there.’’

During the first two years of the annual event they raised more than $55,000. This year they connected with a fundraising arm of Children’s Medical Research Institute – the Judith Hyam Memorial Trust – and heard about the cutting-edge work being done.

“It’s something we’re all affected by, so it was very close to our hearts,’’ another founder, Chris, said.
“Because one of the boy’s mums was diagnosed with cancer, it became very personal for us and solidified our decision for the money to go to cancer research.’’

The founding members recently toured the labs at CMRI and met the scientists to learn about the work and were blown away.

“Over the past 20 years, 61,000 Australian lives have been saved thanks to cancer research, and we want to see this grow,’’ Chris said.  “Which is why we will be raising funds on behalf of the Judith Hyam Memorial Trust Fund to donate to the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) to support cancer research.’’
Their third 90 Minutes for Cancer soccer game will be held on the 24th of November at Club Marconi, Bossley Park. The day involves local soccer teams from various age groups participating in a friendly competition, with food and family entertainment, as well as jumping castles and face painting available for the kids throughout the day.

All monies raised prior to and on the day, will be donated to Children’s Medical Research Institute to support cancer research. 

To find out more about 90 Minutes for Cancer or to donate to their cause, visit their Facebook page: