Finding cures for children's genetic diseases


25 years of Successive and Successful CMRI Quilt Shows

The Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) Gerringong Committee celebrate 25 years of their Quilt Show with a beautiful birthday cake made by Holly Fogarty, the granddaughter of Dorothy Bailey, who founded the Gerringong Committee in 1959.
(Life members Mena Sharpe, Marj O'Keefe and Joyce Sharpe cut the cake)

As a result of contracting Rubella whilst pregnant, Dorothy’s son was born with a congenital heart defect.
With a desperate need for research in to childhood diseases and following a request from Sir Lorimer Dods, paediatrician & founder of CMRI, Dorothy started a cake stall raising $50.

Over the past 56 years the committee has raised $1.862 million helping support research into childhood diseases and birth defects.

This year’s show featured an exhibition of works by award winning local quilter, Merelyn Pearce, famous for her vibrantly coloured Margaret Preston inspired quilts and wall hangings.

Keeping visitors occupied at the event there was also an annual quilt raffle as well a varied array of stalls selling craft supplies, clothing, jewellery and baked goods a plenty.
(President Kelli Campbell, Mena Sharpe, Marj O'Keefe, Joyce Sharpe, Holly Fogerty)

With members ranging in age from early 20’s to those over 90 the committee were also celebrating 5 members who have given time, energy & creativity for 25 years! These members include:
  • Marj O’Keefe
  • Joyce Sharpe
  • Mena Sharpe
  • Dawn Miller
  • Marj Weir
For more information on the committee, contact details, events and pictures check out their dedicated webpage here.